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Old Reece
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Full name: Old Reece
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality: Flag of the United States African-American
Main affiliation: Carl Johnson
Sweet Johnson
Kendl Johnson
Beverly Johnson (formerly) (deceased)
Brian Johnson (formerly) (deceased)
Carl Johnson's father (formerly) (possibly deceased)
Big Smoke (formerly) (deceased)
Ryder (formerly) (deceased)
Businesses: Reece's Hair & Facial Studio
Voiced by: Unknown

Old Reece is a character who appears as a minor character in GTA San Andreas. He is a local barber, seen at Old Reece's Hair & Facial Studio in Idlewood, Los Santos. He has known the Johnson family for a long time, evident by his memories of Carl Johnson's childhood and casual attitude toward Carl among some of the other things he says. He is suggested to have Alzheimer's disease, as Ryder mentions Old Reece having 'popped his membrane years ago' during Ryder.

He remembers Carl Johnson's childhood, when his mother brought him to the barber shop and comments on how grown-up he is. Old Reece also apparently knows Big Smoke, as he asks Carl to tell Big Smoke to get a cut.

Old Reece can be killed at any time while you are in his barber shop; he will respawn the next time when you enter the barber shop.

Mission Appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • Old Reece bears a strong resemblance to Morgan Freeman. Interestingly, Freeman's father was also a barber.
  • Old Reece is the only character with a unique model (not counting girlfriends) that can be met while not on a mission.
  • Old Reece sometimes tells CJ that his father used to get a cut just like CJ. It suggests that Old Reece knew CJ's father and possibly were friends with him.
  • Old Reece tells Carl to tell Big Smoke to get a cut, despite Big Smoke's baldness, or after Carl has already killed Big Smoke during the Final Mission probably because he has Alzheimer's. This could also indicate Big Smoke used to have hair, was supposed to in the beta or has purposally shaven his head bald, or is even unaware of Big Smoke's fate.

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