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Pacific Standard Public Depository Bank

Last edited on February 9, 2014
by Cloudkit01
Pacific Standard Bank Depository.

The Pacific Standard Public Depository Bank is a public deposit bank founded in 1903 located in Downtown Vinewood on Vinewood Boulevard, neighboring the Oriental Theater. The bank lies on the corner of Vinewood Boulevard and has distinctive 'Flow' advertisements above it, it is recognizable by the peak on top.


  • The bank is accessible to the player, but cannot be robbed in single player, however; it is believe that if and when heists come to online, it will be available as a robbery.
  • The bank and building are based off the Hollywood First National Bank on the corner of Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.
  • The player may enter the vault of the bank through glitching. This glitch involves standing on the railings above the bank, and going to and from the Xbox Games Store/PlayStation Store before joining back into the game.
  • One thing worth noting is that the player can enter the vault with ease, upon entering the downstairs area through glitching, the player will notice the vault is already slightly open, and they only need to shoot the side of the vault to fully open it.
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