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Pack Man
Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Devin Weston
Location: Great Ocean Highway
Target: Deliver the cars to Molly Schultz
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Cars destroyed
Cops were led to the drop-off point
Reward: None.
Protagonist(s): Franklin Clinton
Trevor Philips
Unlocks: Fresh Meat
Unlocked by: Bury the Hatchet
Deep Inside
Franklin: "Where the fuck is my money?"
Molly: "The best thing that could have happened to you in this situation has happened. He is going to hold your money, invest it in his alpha fund and make the funds available to you at a time as the transfer will not induce any undue attention."
Franklin: "Which is a polite way of saying I'm gettin' robbed!"
Molly Schultz debriefing Franklin Clinton

Pack Man is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by businessman Devin Weston to Franklin, Trevor and Lamar.

The player has to drive a Packer from Weston's garage in Los Santos to a drop-off point just north of Paleto Bay. Right after leaving Los Santos, the police give chase to the trio. Franklin decides to unhitch the JB 700 and use its weapons to neutralize the police cars.

Completion - Gold

  • Time : Complete within 12:00
  • Not a Scratch : Complete with minimal damage to the JB 700
  • Shredder : Take out 3 cop cars using the spikes


  • The mission's name is a reference to the iconic Namco game Pac-Man, as well as being a word-play on the fact a Packer is featured prominently.
  • There's a red Stinger in the trailer in front of the Cheetah whose origin is unknown. However, it was possibly stolen by Lamar Davis, as Devin is seen discussing employment with him following the previous mission, Deep Inside.


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