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The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office station is located in Paleto Bay. Oddly, the station has Los Santos County Sheriff units, even though Paleto Bay is located in Blaine County.

There is a car park and a helipad behind the building where Ambulances and Police Cruisers (Sheriff Cruiser and LSPD Police Cruiser) spawn. Occasionally, a Park Ranger will spawn here too.

To the right of the building is a sign which reads, :The Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office has successfully managed 35 days without a narcotics arrest: Good work team."

There are newspaper racks for the Los Santos Meteor and LS24 at the front of the station.


  • If you choose to steal a Police Cruiser you will rarely receive a wanted level.
  • Despite the helipad that's on site no Helicopters spawn here.


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