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The Paleto Forest Samwill.

The Paleto Forest Sawmill is an abandoned sawmill located in the Paleto Forest in Grand Theft Auto V.


The entire complex consists of a large red building, various small shacks and some conveyor belts leading into other buildings. Large piles of unused lumber also litter the area. The building's interior cannot be accessed. The place is used by the Ballas to produce weed.

Events in GTA Online

The Paleto Forest Sawmill appears in the heist setup mission Series A - Weed, where the GTA Online Protagonists must raid the place to steal two Bensons full of weed under orders of Trevor.

The sawmill is also the set of the Sawmill Survival mode.

Events in GTA V

The Paleto Forest Sawmill appears in the mission Lamar Down, where Stretch sets up the Ballas to kidnap Lamar DavisMichaelFranklin and Trevor then head out to save him.


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