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The Palmer-Taylor Power Station as seen in the next-gen trailer.

The Palmer-Taylor Power Station is a power generation and transmission facility in Grand Theft Auto V. It is located in Los Santos County along Senora Way, east of the RON Alternates Wind Farm.


Palmer-Taylor Power Station is a massive facility, composed of four generating towers, two other large buildings of indeterminate purpose, and numerous smaller out-buildings, storage tanks, pipelines, a parking lot and other related items. While none of the buildings are player accessible, the generating towers and a few other buildings have extensive stairs, ladders, and catwalks which allow for a great deal of player exploration. There are transmitters located around the plant, which will give the GTA Online Protagonist an electric shock if they come into contact with the transmitters. Despite the presence of various "No smoking" signs, the station's employees can still be seen smoking.

It is not specified which type of fuel the Power Station uses, though the generating towers and the station's ownership by the Los Santos Department of Green Power suggest it is a natural gas plant.

Mission Appearances

  • The Time's Come - If the player chooses to kill Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton chases him to the top of one of the generating towers at the power station. Franklin pushes Michael over the edge before grabbing hold of him. The player can choose whether to drop Michael or hoist him up, but either way, Michael will fall to his death. Franklin calls Lamar Davis and leaves the power station.


  • Armor - inside the train terminal located north of the plant's entrance (see photo)
  • Sniper Rifle - at the top of the northernmost smoke shack.



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