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Papercuts store in Verona Beach, Los Santos

Papercuts is a company operating in the State of San Andreas in GTA San Andreas. It specializes in office supplies and the company's slogan is "Let us fill your office." The company has several locations; a flagship store in Verona BeachLos Santos; a store in MontgomeryRed County and an outlet in a mini-mall in MarketLos Santos.

Strangely, the outlet in the commercial neighbourhood of Market in Los Santos is located in a separate mini-mall rather than the nearby, and larger, Verona Mall. Though this was likely a business choice made by the company.

GTASA MarketMiniMall

The mini-mall containing the Papercuts outlet in Market, Los Santos.

Papercuts also appears to be a small chain with at least three stores found in-game. The company's name is a reference to the minor injury 'paper cuts' that are caused by handling paper products. The name is also another example of Rockstar's humour with the company's slogan refering to wide spread paper cuts caused by the company's products.  

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