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You may be looking for Parachute Jumps .

Parachuting is a game mode in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is available for up to 16 players. Parachuting is always given by Dom Beasley. Guns are able to be used, depending on the matchmaking options.


Parachuting, as its name implies, involves players jumping out of helicopters high above the sky and then opening their parachutes. The players must then navigate their parachutes through various circle-shaped checkpoints, similar to races. When near ground, they must land on a blue target that can give either 15, 10, 5, or no extra points depending on where they hit.

If the players go through the checkpoint in the centre of it, they receive 15 points. If they go through anywhere else in the checkpoint, they receive only 10 points. Just hitting the edge of the checkpoint will yield 5 points. Missing the checkpoint altogether will give no points and will probably result in the player failing the match.

In Parachuting, it's not about who parachutes the fastest. It's about who has the most points in the end. This is why it's better for players to go slow and steady rather than going straight down, in order to gain better accuracy in hitting checkpoints. If the player hits something during the match and falls, they will automatically lose.


  • Remember to hit the left and right bumper buttons when near a checkpoint to slow down.

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