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Passive Mode is a game mode in GTA Online. Passive Mode is similar to Red Dead Redemption's Friendly Free Roam, where the player cannot kill or be killed.

Passive Mode will only be active while you are on foot (although you can still get ran over by other players, on the plus side, you can still run them over also). While inside a vehicle, you are able to shoot and get shot at and in the process, get killed. Your vehicle is not immune to the Passive Mode. If you shoot a certain person, the Passive Mode stops. This feature can be activated through the interaction menu, is free to activate. Prior to Title Update 1.07 passive mode costed $100, but it was changed to $0 "so players could have more options with friends". As of Title Update 1.10, any player who kills a passive player must now pay their hospital bills, and vice versa.

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