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|image = PaulieSindacco-GTALCS.jpg
|image = PaulieSindacco-GTALCS.jpg
|size = 150px
|size = 150px
|games = [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]]
|games = ''[[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]]''
|aka =
|aka = Paulie<br>The Invisible Don
|gender = M
|gender = M
|status = [[Dead Reckoining|Deceased]]
|pob = [[Las Venturas]]
|pob = [[Las Venturas]]
|dod = [[1998]]
|dod = [[1998]]
|home = [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]
|home = [[Las Venturas]]
|family = [[Johnny Sindacco]] (son)
|nationality = {{Flagicon|Italy|Flag of Italy}} [[Italy|Italian]]-<br>{{Flagicon|United States of America|Flag of the United States}} [[United States of America|American]]
|affiliations = [[Sindacco Family]]<br>[[Sicilian Mafia]]<br>[[Forelli Family]]
|family = [[Johnny Sindacco]] <small>(Son)</small>
|affiliations = [[Sindacco Family]]<br>[[Sicilian Mafia]]<br>[[Joseph Daniel O'Toole]] <small>(Formerly)</small><br>[[Forelli Family]] <small>(Formerly)</small>
|vehicles = [[Sindacco Argento]]
|vehicles = [[Sindacco Argento]]
|businesses = [[Caligula's Palace]]<br>[[Paulie's Revue Bar]]<br>[[The 'Dolls' House]]
|businesses = [[Caligula's Palace]]<br>[[Paulie's Revue Bar]]<br>[[The 'Dolls' House]]
|status = Deceased
|nationality = Italian-American
|voice = Unknown
|voice = Unknown

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Paul Sindacco
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
Full name: Paul Sindacco
Also known as: Paulie
The Invisible Don
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Las Venturas
Date of death: 1998
Home: Las Venturas
Nationality: Flag of Italy Italian-
Flag of the United States American
Family: Johnny Sindacco (Son)
Main affiliation: Sindacco Family
Sicilian Mafia
Joseph Daniel O'Toole (Formerly)
Forelli Family (Formerly)
Vehicle(s): Sindacco Argento
Businesses: Caligula's Palace
Paulie's Revue Bar
The 'Dolls' House
Voiced by: Unknown
"Take Paulie Sindacco. His family's finished in this town. But he thinks he can just run away, like he's got no dues to pay. I'm in jail because of that bastard! Make that son of a bitch pay. "
Salvatore Leone to Toni Cipriani about Paulie.

Paul "Paulie" Sindacco, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series that appears as a main character and the secondary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Paulie was the Don of the Sindacco Family, that also owned Caligula's Palace and Paulie's Revue Bar untill his death.


Not much is know about Paulie's early life.

A relative (possibly son) of his, Johnny Sindacco, died of a shock-induced heart attack in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 1992 after coming face-to-face with Carl Johnson who previously did grievous harm to him.

Events of GTA Liberty City Stories

Arrival to Liberty City

The Sindaccos own Paulie's Revue Bar and the Doll's House on the outskirts of Hepburn Heights.

The Sindaccos funneled money from their casinos in Las Venturas to continue their conquest of Leone and Forelli families turf on Portland Island and Staunton Island.

Paulie is constantly going back and forth from Liberty City to Las Venturas, leaving the day-to-day operations of the crime family to his capos, who are strictly kept in line by Paulie himself.

Dealing with the Forellis

"This car's trying to kill me!"
―Paulie when Toni controls his car.

Paulie tries to ally himself with the Forellis, and their leader, Franco Forelli, in order to take down the Leones.

Salvatore Leone learned about this, and sent his best man, Toni Cipriani, to take control over Paulie's car. Toni did this and killed all the Forelli members in the meeting. This ruined Paulie's chances with the Forellis.



Paulie's death.

"Hey Toni! Why don't you swim over here and kiss my ass?"
― Paulie's last words

After Salvatore goes to the jail, he thinks that Paulie was one of the men behind that. Salvatore sends Toni to kill Paulie before he he escapes out the city. Toni shoots him down in his boat.

After Paulie's death, the Sindaccos left Liberty City, having no leader or business left in the city. Paulie was buried in the Liberty City Cemetery. His tombstone has the epitaph "Viva Las Venturas, Baby" engraved on it.

Mission appearances

GTA Liberty City Stories



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