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You might be looking for the parent company Pegasus or its other affiliate Pegasus Lifestyle Management

The hotel on Eclipse Boulevard.

The Pegasus Concierge Hotel is a hotel on 8358 Eclipse Boulevard in West Vinewood, Los Santos owned by Pegasus. It is a high standing, 10-story hotel of Art Deco style. There is a terrace with a swimming pool in its backyard, which offers a great view of the city. The building is based on the real-life Sunset Tower Hotel, located on 8358 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.



  • There is a rendition of the same building in GTA San Andreas, located in Vinewood, Los Santos.
  • In the enhanced version of GTA V, the building is now illuminated with bright purple coloured lights at night.
  • There is also a Pegasus Concierge located in Rockford Hills, although it is unknown if it's another hotel branch.

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