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You may be looking for Pepe, host of Radio Espantoso, or Pepe from GTA 1
Pepe in GTA Vice City
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Full name: Pepe
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Cuba
Home: Little Havana, Vice City
Nationality: Cuban
Family: Unnamed girlfriend
Main affiliation: Cubans
Tommy Vercetti
Vehicle(s): Voodoo
Voiced by: Tony Chiroldes

Pepe is a member of the Cubans gang in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. During the mission Trojan Voodoo, Umberto Robina tells Tommy Vercetti to get a Haitian Voodoo and return for Pepe, who then destroy the Haitians processing plant. During the mission, Pepe can be killed, but nothing will change in the game storyline. Pepe says he has a girlfriend in the area and likes the pizzas of the local pizzeria.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City

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