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Pfister is a German car manufacturer in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto.


Pfister is based on Porsche. The Pfister logo is in the shape of a shield, just like Porsche's iconic logo.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
500 XLR8 Sports car GTA Chinatown Wars exclusive
Comet Sports car Porche 911 Turbo
Style SR Sports car GTA Chinatown Wars exclusive



  • Pfister is probably owned by BF, similar to how Porsche is owned by Volkswagen.
  • "Pfister" is likely another piece of adult humour by Rockstar, meaning "fister" as in someone who sticks their fist into the female genitalia or male or female anus.
  • The name could be a reference to Pfizer, a brand who produce the viagra medics in 1999.
  • In GTA San Andreas, pedestrians in areas like Paradiso and San Fierro can be heard saying what sounds like, "Have you driven a Pfister?" Sometimes, if the player is driving an expensive-looking vehicle, a pedestrian might comment positively, "Is that a Pfister?" This could mean the brand was planned to be introduced before GTA IV with the scrapped system of vehicle brands (as seen in carcols.dat).
  • In certain stores in GTA V, Pfister Design posters and articles can be seen. These are obviously based on Porsche Design.
  • There is a Pfister Design store in Rockford Hills in Grand Theft Auto V based on the real-life Porsche Design in Beverly Hills.
  • In GTA Online the player can purchase polo-shirts and some watches which are branded "Pfister".
  • In GTA V, whenever the player buys a pink car from a website, the car will be "Pfister Pink" instead of "Hot Pink".
  • There is a real life company named Price Pfister, although the company manufactures faucets so there is most likely no connection.


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