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Pfister is a German car manufacturer in the HD Universe of Grand Theft Auto.


Pfister is based on Porsche or Gemballa, a high performance division of Porsche similar to Daimler AG's AMG division. The Pfister logo is in the shape of a shield, just like Porsche's iconic logo.


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
500 XLR8 Sports car GTA Chinatown Wars exclusive
Comet Sports car Porsche 996 Carrera S (IV)

Porsche 996 GT2 (V)

Style SR Sports car GTA Chinatown Wars exclusive



  • Pfister is probably owned by BF, similar to how Porsche is owned by Volkswagen.
  • "Pfister" is likely another piece of adult humour by Rockstar, meaning "fister" as in someone who sticks their fist into the female genitalia or male or female anus.
  • The name could be a reference to Pfizer, a brand who produce the viagra medics in 1999.
  • In GTA San Andreas, pedestrians in areas like Paradiso and San Fierro can be heard saying what sounds like, "Have you driven a Pfister?" Sometimes, if the player is driving an expensive-looking vehicle, a pedestrian might comment positively, "Is that a Pfister?" This could mean the brand was planned to be introduced before GTA IV with the scrapped system of vehicle brands (as seen in carcols.dat).
  • In certain stores in GTA V, Pfister Design posters and articles can be seen. These are obviously based on Porsche Design.
  • There is a Pfister Design store in Rockford Hills in Grand Theft Auto V based on the real-life Porsche Design in Beverly Hills.
  • In GTA Online the player can purchase polo-shirts and some watches which are branded "Pfister".
  • In GTA V, whenever the player buys a pink car from a website, the car will be "Pfister Pink" instead of "Hot Pink".
  • There is a real life company named Price Pfister, although the company manufactures faucets so there is most likely no connection.


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