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Phil's Depot.

Phil's Depot, is a depot located in Viceport in Vice City.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, which is set by 1984, Phil resides in this depot after being "evicted" by the Cholo gang. Phil's depot is always the start point of all Phil Cassidy's missions for Victor Vance. The nearby Phil's Shooting Range, which hosts a shooting range, is actually an alternative stockhouse of Cassidy's gun artillery and ammunition (except Boomshines, which were stocked in his depot and his warehouse in Little Havana). By 1986, on the happenings of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, it is in a state of disrepair, with grasses growing up from beneath the cracked cement.

It is here that the fateful botched drug deal between Tommy Vercetti and the Vance Crime Family takes place most likely because of Victor's familiarity with the location. Later that year, the Counterfeit Syndicate uses the depot as their landing spot when their agent with the printing plates makes her entrance into the city.

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In 1984, Phil's "daisy", his yellow Walton, is parked without any cargo along with a Perennial, which is fire-attractive (for no reason, it explodes without smoking) at Phil's Depot.


  • In GTA: Vice City Stories there is a glitch that requires good timing. Stand in FRONT AND CLOSE to the marker that allows you to enter the Shooting Range (Just a little before you enter) and have a 3-star wanted level (4 and above is not recommented). When the chopper's arrived, make sure it's flying right above the roof and then enter. You can see the helicopter in the interior, frozen in the air and just have the blades spinning. If you attempt to blow up the helicopter, for a reason, it will catch fire, but for ever, it will not explode. A good reason to prove the interior is located above the ground. (Glitch found on PS2)

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