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Phil Bell
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Full name: Phil Bell
Also known as: Phil B
St. Patrick
Big Phil
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1967
Place of birth: Alderney City, Alderney
Home: Apartment, Tudor, Alderney
Nationality: Flag of Ireland Irish
Flag of Italy Italian
Flag of the United States American
Family: Divorced Wife
Unnamed Children
Frankie Gallo (Nephew)
Unnamed Sister
Main affiliation: Pegorino Family (Formerly)
Niko Bellic
Angie Pegorino
Vehicle(s): Brown Intruder
Blue Squalo
Businesses: Pegorino Family chief capo
Manager of Honkers
Voiced by: Frank Bonsangue
"You're gonna learn that there ain't much in this life that you got control of. Whether you're putting yourself in harm's way because that's the way The Skipper wants it done, or you're staying away from your kids because of a stupid court order and a malicious bitch of an ex-wife. There ain't that much control in anything."
― Phil Bell

Phil Bell is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto IV and minor character in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Phil was a close associate or enforcer of Alderney's Pegorino Mafia Family. Phil was seen as a consigliere figure to Don Jimmy Pegorino. He was a friend of Pegorino crime family captain, Ray Boccino, even though they both constantly argued and disagreed. Bell wasn't a made-man as he is only 10% Italian, and most of his family originated from Ireland.

Phil seems to be very paranoid about helicopters as he says it in a panicked tone during Trespass.



Phil Bell was born in 1967 in Alderney City, and is of 90% Irish with some Italian heritage. He acts as if he were a full Italian, probably to fit in with his fellow mafioso. In Catch the Wave, Phil says a lot of Italian phrases, and calls the Irish Mob " Irish idiots", suggesting he is a bit ashamed to be Irish. At age 16 in 1984, he was arrested for trying to steal a car.

Between 1988 and 1990, during his early 20s, he was arrested for promoting gambling and manslaughter. Phil had probably joined the Pegorino Family by then; Jimmy Pegorino says in Pegorino's Pride that Phil is a long-time trusted business partner of his. He also says that he wishes to promote Phil, but worries whether it will offend the Commission who are somewhat racist against non-Italians. He was married and has two or more children, born after 1990 (fighting for custody strongly suggests the kids are under 18).

Phil maintains that he is a legitimate businessman, managing construction yards and the Pegorino-owned Honker's Gentlemen's Club based in Tudor. The authorities have his places of business bugged, so he speaks in generalities which will not implicate him in anything, and is especially cautious with his planning. He and fellow Pegorino capo Ray Boccino secretly hate each other, because Phil believes "every move he makes is so obvious, it's disgusting to see him trying to sleaze his way up the ladder". Ray is also much more ambitious and even selfish, while Phil believes that "there ain't much in this life you got control of", which is why he follows Jimmy's orders to the letter, even when he believes it won't work perfectly (as seen in Catch the Wave). Phil and Jimmy Pegorino's wife Angie are very good friends, causing some to believe they're having an affair. Jimmy doesn't believe the rumors, and has trust in Phil.

Events of GTA IV

Meeting Niko Bellic

Phil first meets Niko Bellic after the failed diamonds deal with the Jewish Mob, as the money were stolen by The Lost MC member Johnny Klebitz. Phil tells to both Niko and Ray that Pegorino is angry because of that the deal goes wrong. The two then sent Niko to find and kill Johnny's associate Jim Fitzgerald.

Employing Niko

After some work with Ray, Niko was sent to work for Phil, who planned to attack both the Ancelottis and the Russians, and robbing them out. The two steal a truck load with drugs, and attack a dock full with Russians, steal two drugs boats.


Towards the end of the game, the Pegorino Family gets too much police attention, leading Jimmy to believe the family has several rats. He contemplates which one of his capos he should kill - Phil and Ray each secretly suggest to Pegorino that he kill the other. Jimmy eventually decides to kill Ray. At the very end, whether Deal or Revenge is chosen, Phil chooses to leave organized crime for good in favor of a simple life in a small town. He calls Niko to wish him all the best and they leave on good terms.

LCPD Database record

First Name:Phil
Place of Birth:Alderney City, Alderney
  • Pegorino Crime Syndicate
Criminal Record:
  • 1984 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 1988 - Promoting Gambling
  • 1990 - Manslaughter
  • 2005 - Racketeering
  • Chief Lieutenant in the Alderney based Pegorino Crime Syndicate.
  • Not believed to be a "made" member of the Mafia because of he is of mixed Irish / Italian ancestry.
  • Careful about wiretaps and other forms of surveillance.
  • Maintains that he is a legitimate businessman, managing construction yards and the Pegorino-owned Honker's Gentleman's Club in Tudor.

Mission appearances


The Ballad of Gay Tony


  • Phil Bell is the only member of the Pegorino crime family who didn't die, as well as being the only person in the family that Niko genuinely respected.
  • GTA IV originally called for the player to choose whether to kill Phil or Ray, however it was changed before the game was officially released. Instead the player has to kill Ray Boccino.
  • Phil Bell may be based off of Henry Hill from the Goodfellas. They are both Irish-Italians who can't become high ranking members due to their Irish ancestry.
  • Phil has similarities with JD O'Toole from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories: JD also can't get to a high rank in his family because of his Irish ancestry.
  • Phil likes Jazz, as he will respond positively if the player puts on Jazz Nation Radio or Fusion FM while traveling in a car with him. Jimmy Pegorino also likes Jazz.
  • Phil, along with Jacob, has one of the shortest voice-mails in the game. (This is Phil B, leave a message)
  • The radio station that plays in his office at the docks is Liberty Rock Radio.
  • During the missions with Phil accompanying Niko, if the player drives slowly for a while, Phil will say something like "Inconspicuous...I like it." or "The Feds'll be looking for a fast car. Good work. That's why you gotta drive slow." Furthermore, if you steal an unoccupied vehicle with Phil, he'll get paranoid, ask if Niko scanned the car for bugs and then give a speech about bugs and other spying devices.
  • Like most characters in the game, Phil Bell will wear a unique helmet when riding alongside the player on a motorbike. His helmet is color black with gold/yellow stripes.
  • There is a glitch in the mission "Trespass" where just as Bell opens the door to the car to go in, you can shoot him and for the rest of the mission you can drive Phil Bell around while he is dead without failing the mission. He will not talk for the rest of the duration you drive to the Sprunk Factory. You will fail the mission if you drive too fast and take turns too tightly as he will fall out and will then register as dead.
  • Phil has several in-game quotes that imply he actually likes seeing people die or get hurt IF they deserved it.
  • Although the game is supposedly set in 2008 Phil has a thirty day calendar for the month of June 2007 on the wall of his office. The calendar also reveals that his birthday is on June 28th.
  • Similarly to Rocco Pelosi, Phil's actual position in the Pegorino family is never clarified in the game. Despite both the LCPD database and Ray Boccino stating that he's an associate, there are facts that point otherwise.
    • In Pegorino's Pride, Jimmy Pegorino states that the Pegorino family is losing respect for Phil holding such a high position in the family. If Phil was an associate, this would be of no consequence. It is standard procedure for Mafia families to use men of mixed ancestry (Irish-Italian, in Phil's case) as associates. This comment implies that Phil is a made man, which is highly frowned upon in Mafia tradition.
    • In Catch The Wave, Phil says that Ray is attempting to rise up the criminal hierarchy in order to eventually reach his position. This should not be, as since Ray is a capo in the family he is already much higher than Phil in the food chain.
    • In Pest Control, Jimmy Pegorino is questioning the loyalty of both Phil and Ray. He admits that while Phil has been in the family much longer than Ray, the latter is a better earner. It is also referenced that Phil acts as Pegorino's advisor. In the same cutscene, Ray taunts "You're only an associate, Phil. Remember that.", one of the only times Phil's position is directly referenced. However, it is immediately contradicted as Pegorino then calls Phil his man and says that he trusts him much more than Ray. This, along with the age gap (Phil is 41 while Ray is only 32) indicates that the pair's roles may have initially been reversed, but only some dialogue was changed.



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