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Phone 4 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 1, Gangsta Bang, given to The Protagonist by Robert Seragliano. The mission is available from the fourth phone on the left in Park in Liberty City.


The mission starts off with Bubby ordering the Protagonist to bring two yellow cabs for a bank job to the docks in south New Guernsey. After the second cab is picked up by a crane, the Protagonist is given instructions to answer a phone in northwest New Guernsey. Bubby tells the Protagonist about his affair with his brother's wife and orders him to kill his brother before he finds Bubby. In fact, the Protagonist must kill both the brother and his bodyguard, both of whom are located in south Hackenslash. The bodyguard is armed with pistol, the brother is unarmed.


The player is awarded 55,000 points (55,000 x Score Multiplier) and a +1 increase of score multiplier for successfully completing the mission.

Text Strategy


While going West, get Taxi (if not already have).

South small road, West big, cross bridge, West small, South big/small.


Run North to big road.

Taxi to Crane.

North to road.

Steal Car.

W/N, North to phone.

North till ->E, Over bridge, Out when >N.

Kill Guy. END!

Video Strategy

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 17 LC 1 Evil Right Phone (End!)09:14

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 17 LC 1 Evil Right Phone (End!)

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