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Phone 5 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 2, Heist Almighty.


Go to the top phone in north Fort Law to begin. You get a call saying that if you want a cut from a bank job, you have to get a patrol car in southeast Guernsey City. Once you take the car, you have to drive to northwest Fort Law bank and park it inside the garage to blow the place up. After, you must pick up another patrol car in northwest Hackenslash (this one is moving) and then drive back to the bank to pick up Tommy. You will recieve a four-star wanted level and must fight with cops as you speed your way to the garage in north Law Island to finish the mission.

Text Strategy


S follow, small S (along E sidewalk, Crate for LIFE), big W, big S, follow W, S, W.

Cop Car.

Big E, follow, N, E, N, when arrow points E go E.

Crate for ARMOR.


Run away, steal car.

Follow arrow W big to end, big N to Cop Car.

S, big E.


Big E along south lane to run over, 2 bridges, S big, follow E, big S bridge, corner crate for PISTOL, big W, small N.

Garage. END!

Video Strategy

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 27 LC 2 Top Phone04:52

Let's Play Grand Theft Auto PT 27 LC 2 Top Phone

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