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Phone Ho is one of the Stubbs' Dirty Laundry side missions in The Lost and Damned, given to Johnny Klebitz by Thomas Stubbs.


Stubbs asks Johnny to go to the Red Light District in Port Tudor and get a photo of a fellow Congressman with a hooker. Once you arrive at an alleyway, climb to the roof of the gun shop. Once in position, Stubbs will call and inform you that the target is driving a red Cognoscenti. After a minute or so, the politician will arrive. Wait until the hooker starts talking to him then snap the photo. Leave the roof and the mission will finish.


  • After taking the photo, it is possible to quickly steal the unique Cognoscenti without failing the mission.

Video Walkthrough

GTA IV The Lost and Damned - 555-Stubbs Dirty Laundry - Phone Ho'(04:52)
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