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Garage pillbox 1

Pillbox Hill Garage front.

Pillbox Hill Garage (also known as Vapid of Los Santos) is a Vapid car dealer which serves as a garage for Trevor Philips in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is located on Power Street and Adam's Apple Boulevard in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos where the garage entrance is accessible from a small carpark next to the building.

The garage costs $30,000 to buy or will be accessed automatically if the user owns the GTA V Collector's Edition Pack or is a member of the Rockstar Games Social Club. A total of four vehicles may be stored in the garage.

The garage is the drop-off destination for the vehicle collected in "Pulling One Last Favor".

In GTA Online, when the player recovers a destroyed insured vehicle from Mors Mutual Insurance, the vehicle will spawn next to the garage.

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