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Name: Pißwasser
Tagline(s): "You Are In For A Good Time"
"Cheap German Lager For Export Only"
"German Fighting Lager For Export Only"
Type: Alcoholic Beverage Company
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto V
"Cheap 11% ABV fighting lager brewed in Germany for export only from rice, barley, hops and the fresh urine of Bavarian virgins."
― Description at

Pißwasser (BAWSAQ: PIS) (English: /ˈpɪsˌwɑsər/; German: /ˈpɪsˌvasəʁ/), anglicised as Pisswasser, is a fictional German export lager frequently advertised on radio and TV in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V. The player can buy stocks from them on the website in GTA V.


'Wasser' is German for 'water', implying the beverage's literal name is 'piss water', a slang term for cheap, watered-down beer. According to the in-game website, the ingredients include "the fresh urine of Bavarian virgins" (however, the site goes on to say "or so we claim", implying that it might not be as fresh as one would hope). Billboards seen in-game expand the urine references, even going so far as to suggest the bottles contain nothing but urine (perhaps in reference to the urine in Corona beer rumor). The beer's slogan and tagline is: "You Are In For A Good Time" ("You Are In" being a pun on "Urine"). The quality of the beer is reflected by its second slogan: "Cheap German Lager For Export Only". The Pißwasser badge on bar pumps is labeled "Ü-Rhine" (and the six-crate of Pißwasser that Rockstar sent to UK website CVG Online as a present was labeled in the same way), which is probably a reference to the Rhine river in Germany, as well as another pun on "Urine". Pißwasser used to sponsor Republican Space Rangers back in 2008.

The labels on the bottles are similar to Grafenwalder's labeling.

Radio and television advertisements for the beer feature variations of a song sung by a stereotypical redneck man with lyrics that portray comically exaggerated effects of alcoholism, including "[giving] a dude head" and "[driving] drunk off a pier". The Pißwasser song largely spoofs Budweiser's anthem, "This is Budweiser, This is Beer", particularly towards the end of the jingle.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, a beer hat of the Pißwasser beer becomes available through the special crates, after the Independence Day Special is installed. It can also be purchased in convenience stores across San Andreas and can be drunk at safehouses.

Slogan & Motto

Slogan & Motto Start usage End usage Version
"You Are In For A Good Time" 1 January 2008 31 December 2012 Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA Chinatown Wars & Grand Theft Auto V
"Cheap German Lager For Export Only"
"German Fighting Lager For Export Only" 1 January 2013 Now Grand Theft Auto V & Grand Theft Auto Online


Pisswasser Radio Ad

Television Jingle transcript (GTA IV)

Last night, I think I shit the bed
Got so drunk, I gave a dude head
Life is just a merciful blur
When you pop a Pißwasser
Pißwasser; don't drink it slow
3 a.m., buy some blow
Sleep in the bathroom on the floor
What really matters anymore?
All the crap you do, all day
Who fucking cares anyway?!
Pißwasser; this is beer
Drive drunk off a pier
Pißwasser; drink all day
It helps your troubles go away, yeah yeah
PIßWASSER: Cheap German lager for export only

Radio Jingle transcript (GTA IV)

You work your nuts off everyday
A proud American all the way
Life is just a merciful blur
When you pop a Pißwasser
Pißwasser, this is beer
Drive drunk off a pier
I love drinkin' all day long
I beat my girlfriend as I sing this song
PIßWASSER: Cheap German lager for export only

Jingle transcript (GTA V)

Wake up the morning, drop a big ol' log
Out here, you ain't got time for nothing fruity like a jog
Marry a fat bitch, and die workin' like a dog!
Cowboys in the heartland, bankers in the city
We love cars, guns and big ol' plastic titties!
Lets grab a case of Pißwasser and drink for the U.S.A.!
Hey neighbors I'm sorry, we're partyin' real butch
Ya oughta speak English if you like it here so much!
Not Spanish, or Chinese, or British, and no fucking Dutch! Fuck the Dutch!
I said yeah, we're gonna keep them illegals out!
Guns and Pißwasser!
Yeah, that's what the party's all about!
Getting real drunk, puking face down
Billying and bobbin' while every kid's in town!
Drinking Pißwasser, fighting, getting real shitfaced tonight! Yeah!
I'm a patriotic American, that's my national right!
PIßWASSER: German fighting lager for export only

Company Trucks/Trailers



  • The Pißwasser commercial in GTA V uses footage from Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption combined with footage from GTA V.
  • Both jingles are sung by radio host Anthony Cumia.
  • In the mission Mr. Philips, Trevor Philips smashes a Pißwasser bottle against Johnny Klebitz's head before killing him.
  • A Vapid Dominator is available with Pißwasser livery after winning Race 3 of the stock car racing in the enhanced version of GTA V.
  • With German subtitles, the references to the Dutch in the GTA V commercial have been replaced with Sweden. Ironically, Germans see the Dutch as their traditional rivals, particularly in sporting events.
  • Based on a similar name, jingle, and origin, it is likely that Pißwasser is a spoof of Budweiser.
  • The spelling of the in-game website's URL for the beer,, is an incorrectly alphabetized spelling, most likely done for humour. In German, the consonant letter ß (known as an Eszett or scharfes S in German and a sharp S in English) is conventionally alphabetized as "ss", rather than "s".
  • There is a Pißwasser Factory located in Cypress FlatsLos Santos in GTA V. 
  • At the liquor store beside Trevor's Trailer, there is a sign that reads "Buy Pißwasser. It makes her pretty again."
  • The Pißwasser's logo and bottle is very similar to the German beer "Perlenbacher" logo and bottle.
  • In the GTA V commercial, the part where it says "Fuck the Dutch" and a dutchman is killed may be a reference to Dutch van der Linde, one of the primary antagonists of Red Dead Redemption, however, this may also be a coincidence. (This could also be a reference to Austin Powers, in the scene where Austin Powers's father says: "There are two kinds of people I hate; people who are intolerant of other cultures, and the Dutch")


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