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A police bribe is a pickup in the Grand Theft Auto series intended to eliminate the player's wanted level.


First introduced in Grand Theft Auto 1, the pickup is intended as an cost-free alternative to respraying the player's vehicle at a spray shop, although its scarcity makes the tactic more difficult unless the player memorizes their locations. Police bribe locations vary widely, with some showing up in obvious locations, while others are well hidden from plain view. Some require performing a jump in an automobile to reach, as they are positioned at a slight altitude, and inaccessible on-foot.

In its first appearance in GTA 1, the bribe assumed the appearance of a spinning gold coin that will eliminate the whole of the player's present wanted level. In GTA 2, it appears as a rotating dollar-shaped pickup, with the same function as the GTA 1 pickup.

In GTA III era games, the bribe appears as a rotating, star-shaped police badge pickup and will reduce the player's wanted level by one star when picked up; once the player obtains the bribe, his/her wanted level will be immediately reduced by one star. However, any higher-level police presence (SWAT or FBI for example) in the area prior to obtaining the bribe will continue to pursue the player (assuming a wanted level is still in place), but more of such vehicles will no longer appear. The one exception is the Police Maverick, which will disengage from pursuit of a player with a 3-star wanted level upon obtaining a police bribe (reducing their wanted level to 2 stars). In the GTA III era, some bribe stars are placed in positions that require the player to execute a jump with a vehicle in order to obtain it.

The pickup is absent in both Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, as revamped wanted level systems in these games render the bribe redundant.



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