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Police Riot
A Police Riot in GTA V.
(Rear quarter view)
Vehicle class
Vehicle type Law enforcement vehicle
Body style Large armored van
Capacity 8 (driver and seven passengers)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Manufacturer Brute
Related vehicle(s) SWAT Van

The Brute Police Riot is a law enforcement vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is used by NOOSE and is called out once the player has reached a four-star wanted level.


The Police Riot is a NOOSE transport vehicle. The design is similar to that of the GTA IV Enforcer, but comes with a square-shaped hood. It possesses standard "wig-wag" police lights, red and blue, though they are unique and do not appear on any other vehicle.

The Police Riot has the NOOSE seal, and "National Office Of Security Enforcement," as well as the initials "LSPD" on its sides. This van can also hold two people on each side, like the Granger, which increases the van's capacity to eight. The Police Riot is based on the armored police vehicle Lenco Bear.


Since it weighs several tons, performance is abysmal. While it can achieve similar top speeds to average sedans, it takes a very long time to get there. The wide wheelbase provides good lateral stability although it doesn't take corners fast enough to truly test this. The one thing you would use this vehicle for, is for its mass and durability.

It can withstand most gunfire for sustained periods and a sticky bomb won't destroy it unless it is in contact or directly underneath the vehicle. Molotovs do nothing, nor does gasoline, and multiple grenades are needed to have any effect. RPG shots and tank shells will destroy it though.



(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)

Top Speed

(mph / kph)

Engine Drivetrain Gears Mass











  • Spawns in roadblocks at a 4 and 5 star wanted level. When using explosives in the chase, these will appear often. Also appears frequently when flying an aircraft.

GTA Online


  • Despite what its name suggests, the Police Riot only forms roadblocks. It will not deploy any NOOSE officers from the rear of the truck and only has one NOOSE driver and a passenger (passengers can also hang off of the side). In the mission The Paleto Score, an exception to this is made. For some reason, LSPD NOOSE teams use the FIB Granger instead.
    • In the same mission, dialogue reveals that they are the Bomb Squad. This seems to be the reason why they appear when explosives are used in normal gameplay.
  • The Police Riot is one of the strongest vehicles in the game, but like most vehicles, will falter when shot at with explosives, specifically, the Rhino's main gun or the P-996 Lazer's heavy weaponry.
  • Its engine sound is identical to that of the Enforcer from GTA IV, indicating that the two vehicles likely share the same engine.
  • Unlike other law enforcement vehicles in GTA V, the Police Riot utilizes a truck horn instead of the traditional police horn.
  • Although it is quite heavy, ramming the rear of certain cars while traveling at high speed with this van may cause the front of the vehicle to skid over the rear of the car you rammed, and even send you flying into the air. This may be a glitch, and has yet to be fixed.
  • There is a strange glitch wherein if a player saves a Police Riot, goes far away, returns, and then enters it, Body Armor will be awarded again. This will be a free supply of Body Armor if the player does this repeatedly. Technically, it can be done with similar vehicles (i.e. the Ambulance).
  • It is marked as both LSPD and NOOSE, so it is hard to tell which law enforcement agency it belongs to. It is likely a Los Santos division of NOOSE, as it bears some resemblance to the 3D Universe Enforcers (all labeled SWAT, but with different divisions, such LCPD, VCPD, and SAPD).
  • Like the Securicar, it is Sticky Bomb proof to a certain extent.
  • A certain visual glitch is present, when performing a jump, the player may notice the inner side of the front wheels are not textured, they are simply an open hole.
    • This is present on the Enforcer in GTA IV, further more evidence of it being developed off the Enforcer.
    • This is also present on the FIB Buffalo, in both GTA IV and GTA V, proving it was simply copied over to GTA V.


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