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Pornography is featured throughout the GTA series.

Appearances in GTA series

El Burro is implied to run several pornographic business ventures, including a beastiality magazine called Donkey Does Dallas. In Grand Theft Auto III, Claude is tasked with collecting these magazines after they have been stolen by a SPANKED-up thief. As a thank you, El Burro sends a collection of these magazines to Claude's Portland safehouse.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there is a pornographic film company (InterGlobal Studios) on Prawn Island, run by Steve Scott that is for sale. Several missions involve working for Steve open after purchasing the studio, including recruiting Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez, as well as advertising the studio's latest film.

There are a number of sex shops in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, some of which can be entered. Millie Perkins is an avid customer of a shop on the Las Venturas Strip, and Carl Johnson buys a Gimp suit there during the mission Key to Her Heart.

In Grand Theft Auto IVJoseph Kaplan runs a pornography website and shop, and it is stated that Marnie Allen was forced to participate in his pornography to support her drug habit. Early in the game, Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov go to intimidate Joseph, who had not paid his protection money.

In Grand Theft Auto V, it was mentioned by Trevor that Amanda De Santa was a stripper when she first met Michael. In the Beeker's Garage on Procopio Drive in Paleto Bay, Blaine County, there is posters of semi-nude girls exposing most of her breasts.


  • In Joseph's shop, a television showing a pornographic movie is playing in the back room. It depicts a bikini-clad woman continuously moving up and down, thereby implying more pornographic content than what is shown. Gordon Sargent also watches this in his hideout during ...I'll Take Her. Above the counter in Joseph's shop, another television shows another looped clip of a woman suggestively putting her lips around a beer bottle.


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