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Postal Van
A Postal Van in GTA V.
(Rear quarter view).
Vehicle class (GTA V) Vans
Vehicle type Commercial vehicle
Body style Multi-stop truck
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Manufacturer Brute
Related vehicle(s) Boxville

The Brute Postal Van (also known as the Postal Boxville) is a mail van in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Postal Van is a variant of the Boxville featuring a distinctive white and blue livery. It is based on the Chevrolet Step Van and its twin, the GMC Step Van. The van is used by the GoPostal delivery company, which is based on FedEx Express.


Unique brown Postal van in Father/Son.


Due to its large size and weight, the Postal Van suffers from poor steering as well as poor acceleration. However, the van has a decent top speed due to its V-8 engine. It is also a very durable vehicle, and can withstand multiple hits and gunfire without breaking down. However, its large front windows leave the player slightly vulnerable to gunfire.


  • In some scripted chases and other sequences a brown version of the Postal Van can be seen. But it's called just the Boxville.


  • Rarely seen driving around Los Santos.
  • Can be seen in the early morning near Vespucci Beach.
  • Some unique black Postal Vans appear during the scripted chase in the mission Father/Son.

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