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Predator (mission)

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Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Trevor Philips
Location: Trevor's Trailer, Sandy Shores
Protagonist(s): Trevor Philips
Michael De Santa
Franklin Clinton
Target: O'Neil brothers
Conditions of mission failure:
O'Neils get away
Unlocked by: Paleto Score Setup

Predator is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V that protagonist Trevor Philips does independently with the help of Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton.

Franklin calls Trevor to say he's pursuing the remaining O'Neil brothers who are in a Dubsta, with Franklin and Chop pursuing in a Baller. When the Dubsta goes off road it crashes to avoid hitting a Doe. Franklin and Michael both go to shoot the remaining O'Neils, with Michael in Trevor's Frogger, and Franklin on the ground. When Elwood O'Neil shoots rockets at the chopper, Chop sniffs him out with Franklin finishing him off, and Trevor picks them up and flies back to the airfield.


  • Walton O'Neil - Killed by Michael for seeking retribution against Trevor Philips
  • Wynn O'Neil - Killed by Michael for seeking retribution against Trevor Philips
  • Elwood O'Neil - Killed by Franklin for seeking retribution against Trevor Philips


  • Bigfoot is briefly seen when hunting for the O'Neil brothers, he dissappears a few moments later.


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