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Private Taxi Fares are side missions in Grand Theft Auto V that Franklin Clinton will receive after he purchases Downtown Cab Co.


There are nine private fares that the manager from the company will deliver to Franklin via his Cellphone. Once the player accepts the mission, the passenger will be marked as a "P" on the map.  Completing one private fare will earn the trophy/achievement "All's Fare in Love and War".


Fare Needs Excitement

Daredevil Bonus: $200

The fare can be found under the awning over the Rockford Dr. entrance to the Mount Zonah Medical Center in Rockford Hills. He has a fetish for reckless and dangerous driving, so the more wildly you drive, the more fun the passenger is going to have and the more he'll pay you.

Make sure you speed and drift along corners. Be wild, but don’t get involved in any major accidents--just ensure the passenger has his fun without getting hurt. Driving through opposite traffic and performing stunt jumps is another great way to get his adrenaline pumping and get the Daredevil Bonus.

Drive him to the dirt road off of Mount Haan Dr. and drop him off behind the Vinewood Sign to complete the mission.

Take It Easy

No Puke Bonus: $100

This customer is located near the Up-n-Atom Burger on Clinton Avenue in Vinewood. This fare is the exact opposite of the previous one. He’s feeling a little 'woozy', and asks Franklin to carefully drive to "Rob's place" on the Vespucci Canals. You’ll have to be a sensible, slow-and-steady driver for this one; if you do a bad job, the guy is going to end up puking out of the right window, which prevents the player from earning the No Puke Bonus at the end of the trip. 

"Rob's place" it turns out, is Rob's liquor store on San Andreas Ave., which somewhat undercuts the fare's persistent attempts to convince Franklin that he doesn't have a drinking problem. If he arrives at his destination without emptying the contents of his stomach, however, he will thank Franklin and give him an extra $100 for his time.


Ludicrous Speed Bonus: $200

This taxi mission is located in Sandy Shores. The fare is waiting near the 24/7 mini-mart on Alhambra Dr., and he tells Franklin needs to get to a poker game on North Conker Ave. in the Hills in under an hour and a half (or roughly three minutes and twenty-nine seconds in real time). As soon as he enters the taxi, a count-down timer of three minutes and thirty seconds will appear.

The best way to approach this mission is to take off-road routes. Cut left across the road. Speed is what matters in this trip, so try to get him there as quickly as possible. Your (supposedly) world-famous passenger will spend the entire ride bragging to Franklin about himself. If you manage to reach the destination thirty seconds early, you’ll get a huge Speed Bonus, and some very welcome silence.

Got Your Back

Terminator Bonus:$230

This is a private fare that ends in a shootout. You need to pick up the fare outside the big Ammu-Nation on Elgin Ave. in Pillbox Hill. He asks asks you to take him to Pier 400 down at the docks. On the way a tells Franklin about how his niece is missing, and that she was last seen with members of The Lost Motorcycle Club. When you're almost to his destination on the far end of Signal St., he will hand you a weapon in case "something goes wrong".

When you arrive, your fare will hop out and approach three members of The Lost. He’ll point his own pistol at them in an attempt to intimidate them, but this just results in everyone else pulling out their guns as well. When one of them tells the guy that he’s giving him three seconds to run away, you have an opportunity to either get out of your vehicle and shoot all of the bikers or to simply run them over.

The passenger will take cover behind crates. Follow him and shoot the reinforcements that arrive. You’ll receive some cash and gratitude from the guy, who tells Franklin that they should both leave the scene ahead of the cops before running off. 

Take to the Best Tailor

Best Store Bonus: $500

There’s a lady waiting for you to take her to a good store in the parking lot of the Galileo Park, deep in the Vinewood Hills. She tells Franklin that she's a screenwriter who has an 'appointment' with a 'big-shot producer' at his apartment, and she wants to be taken to the best tailor in Los Santos. 

It’s important to know that she wants the best of the best, since there are three stores to choose from: the Rockford HillsPonsonbys on Portola Drive|Portola Dr.]]; the SubUrban on the Prosperity Street Promenade in Del Perro; and a Discount Store on Strawberry Ave. in Strawberry. You’ll get the most money for taking her to Ponsonbys, so drive there in whatever manner you want, and you’ll get a good bonus of $500 for choosing the right store along with the regular tip and fare.

Cut You In

Smooth Getaway Bonus: $1,000

This fare is located at the main terminal at Los Santos International Airport. Pick him up from there. He wants to get to the Little Gems jewelry store on Atlee Street in Mission Row. On the way, he reveals that he is a jewel thief, and enlists a reluctant Franklin as his getaway driver. He'll have you stop just past the shop, and tells him to wait while he goes down the alleyway next door.

Soon after he disappears behind the store, you'll hear gundhots and general commotion. The would-be mastermind comes tearing back up the alley, followed closely by an explosion and an alarm. He’ll enter your vehicle, and you’ll get a two-star wanted level. You have to act as the getaway vehicle for him. Cops will be swarming every street from here on out, but it's easiest to lose them by heading west at high speed, turning whenever possible. (While he's in the jewelry shop, it's recommended that you turn your vehicle around and park in the same place.)

Once you lose the cops, bring the robber to the FlyUS terminal on the upper roadway at LSX. On the way back, Franklin will comment on the shoddiness of the robber, leading the fare to complain that he couldn't be expected to know about the security guard or the alarm, nor could he foresee that he would accidentally drop a grenade as he made his escape. If you managed to avoid getting spotted, you will earn a $1,000 Smooth Getaway Bonus along with a whopping tip of $5,00-$10,000.

Got You Now

Knocked a Sucka Out Bonus: $100

Drive up the cul-de-sac at the ULSA campus off of Picture Perfect Dr. in Richman. There’s a student there waiting to be taken to Elgin Ave. in Strawberry, under the Olympic Freeway. On the way, the guy heaps insults and racial abuse onto Franklin, before verbally assaulting his girlfriend over the phone. Once you arrive, you'll see her bent over the engine of the fare's overheated Dominator.

Franklin will loudly comment on how attractive she is, throwing the macho jerk in the back into a jealous rage. He pulls you out of the vehicle with the intention of delivering a beating. Avoid using weapons unless you want to alert the cops – just beat him down with your fists. Once he’s down, his now ex-girlfriend will ask for a ride. After the cinematic, take the cash from her boyfriend’s body. Next, take the lady to her friend’s Little Seoul apartment on Palomino Ave.; on the way, she'll tell you how her (now ex-)boyfriend as abusive and controlling, and how she's been looking for a way to leave him for some time.

You’ll get a bonus of $100 if you Knocked Out a Sucka, and to top it off, the now-single girl will give you her number, which will be added in your contacts for a Booty Call

Clown Car

Punctual Bonus: $200

You'll need a four-door vehicle for this job. Pick up three passengers at The Richman Hotel on West Eclipse Boulevard. They’ll tell Franklin that there are three stops, of which the first is the Maze Bank Branch on Alta St. in Pillbox Hill. While at it, the passengers will spark one up along the way and offer Franklin a hit, which he declines, saying it "smells kinda weak". Your car will fill up with smoke. Stop at the Maze Bank.

The next stop is a Fleeca branch on Hawick Ave. in Alta. The passengers will tell Franklin that they want to enjoy some hip-hop. Tune the radio to one of the city's two hip-hop songs to make them happy. The final passenger wants to skip work in favor of satisfying his munchies, so drive him to a 24/7 he knows off of Innocence Blvd. in Strawberry.

It’s a fairly straightforward job with little trouble. Just make sure you are quick enough and you drive safe and sound to get the bonus and a good tip.

Follow Car

Private Eye Bonus: $100

Pick up the fare on Fudge La. in El Burro Heights. She needs a ride to Central Los Santos Medical Center, where her fiancé works as a doctor. She tells Franklin that she believes he's cheating on her, and intends to confront him. When you stop at the destination, she’ll point out a car that belongs to her him and tells you to tail him to his girlfriend's house.

Make sure you keep a good distance from the doctor's car to aviod spooking him. The lady will warn you if you do, so make sure you brake when she does. Act normal while keeping your distance. He'll pull into an an apartment complex parking lot off of Palomino Avenue|Palomino Ave. in Little Seoul.

Drive into the yellow marker. The jilted lover will jump out and shoot both cheaters, then take off running. If you didn't get too close while following the fiancee, you’ll get a $100 bonus.


  • Normally, the fares are activated when you drive around the location where they start, if they are not being activated, try to go to the airport and steal any of the planes, then fly close to the area where they are suppose to be activated, this will increase the chances of the fares getting started.



  • Some of the vehicles featured in the Private Taxi Fare job has the license plates referencing another GTA game, for example, in the fare 'Got Your Back', the 2 Emperors has the license plate 'NIKOB' and 'ROMANB' (referencing Niko Bellic, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV and Roman Bellic, Niko's cousin) and a Hexer in one of the fare has its license plate 'LUISLOPZ', referencing to the GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony protagonist Luis Fernando Lopez.
  • The "Ludicrous Speed Bonus" in the Deadline taxi fare is a nod to the 1987 film Spaceballs, where, in pursuit of Lone Star, Lord Dark Helmet engages their ship's hyperdrive, telling his crew to take it to "Ludicrous speed! Go!"

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