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Pump-Action Pimp
Luigi Goterelli informs Claude of the Diablos pimping on his turf
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
For: Luigi Goterelli
Location: Luigi's Sex Club 7, Red Light District, Portland
Target: Diablo Pimp
Mission Objectives:
• ­Pick up the pistol

• ­Take out the pimps

Conditions of mission failure:
• ­Wasted

• ­Busted
• ­Diablo escapes

Unlocks: The Fuzz Ball
Unlocked by: Drive Misty For Me
"Some Diablo scumbag has been pimping his skuzzy bitches in my backyard. Go and take care of things for me."
Luigi Goterelli

Pump-Action Pimp is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Luigi Goterelli from his club in the Red Light District in Portland Island.


Claude drops by Luigi's Sex Club 7 looking for more work. Luigi informs him about some Diablos pimping on his turf that he wants dead and tells him to go around the back of Ammu-Nation if he needs a weapon.

Claude picks up a pistol around the back of Ammu-Nation and attacks the Diablo Stallion with the Diablo and the pimp, killing them both.


Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Ammu-Nation
  • Pick up the pistol
  • Take out the pimps


The reward for completion of the mission is $4,000. The mission The Fuzz Ball for Luigi Goterelli is unlocked and the pistol becomes available for purchase at Portland Island's Ammu-Nation.


  • The name of the mission is a reference to the weapon the pimp in the Diablo Stallion uses, a pump action shotgun.


Video walkthroughs

iPad Version
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GTA 3 - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 5 - Pump-Action Pimp

PC Version
GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 5 - Pump-Action Pimp (HD)02:03

GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission 5 - Pump-Action Pimp (HD)


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