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RON Windfarm
RON Alternates Wind Farm.
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The RON Alternates Wind Farm is a large wind farm in Los Santos County, San Andreas. It is maintained by the Los Santos Department of Wind Power. The wind farm is bordered by the Senora Freeway to the west, and the San Chianski Mountain Range to the north. 


The wind farm consists of a large array of wind turbines. They provide power to the nearby Palmer-Taylor Power Station. The wind farm is owned by RON, as evidenced by its name.

The Los Santos Department of Water & Power considers these windmills as a threat to public heath and environment, as evidenced by their billboard and TV commercials, and is trying to make windmills banned
Windmill Propaganda
One of the billboards sponsored by LSDW&P
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. The main reason is that these windmills ruin the natural habitat of many Southern San Andreas bird species and that their blades are brutally killing them. It is unknown why LSDW&P mandated RON to build this wind farm, as it is clear that it has been a complete failure. 


The wind farm may be based on the real-life San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm in Riverside County, California. 

Known Roads and Streets

Mission Appearances


  • The Big Score
  • Trevor flies to the windfarm to lose Merryweather Security chasing the crew.

GTA Online

  • Turbine Carbine
  • Coveted
  • The player flies through the windfarm to a safehouse nearby to deliver the container.


  • If the player has a wanted level of three or more stars while in the Wind Farm, the rotating wind turbines 
    Close-up of one of the wind turbines.
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    are a potential hazard to the Police Mavericks that give chase to the player. The Police Helicopter's AI seems to disregard the rotating blades of the wind turbines, so the helicopters may be seen crashing into them and exploding.
  • Even if LSDW&P considers the wind farm as a threat and tries to ban them, there are still some windmills under construction.
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