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Radio Mirror Park
Location: Mirror Park
Genre: Synthpop
New Wave
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Host: George Lewis Jr.
"Indie modern rock from the underground."
―GTA V Website

Radio Mirror Park (88.9) is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is Hosted by George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow.


Deleted Songs

GTA V's trackID.gxt2 database reveals many more songs were planned to appear on the station but were not included in the final version.


  • The song "Sleepwalking" by The Chain Gang of 1974 was featured in the Grand Theft Auto V official trailer.
  • "The Set Up" by Favored Nations is the music for the mission The Third Way's ending credits.
  • "Change of Coast" by Neon Indian is Grand Theft Auto Online's main theme.
  • "Shine A Light" by The C90's plays during Michael's drug trip on the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?. It also rarely plays, usually after the beforementioned mission and can take well over an hour to play. Most players will only hear this song once or twice if at all.
  • The band HEALTH previously scored all of Max Payne 3, another Rockstar developed title.
  • "Don't Come Close" by Yeasayer is featured in the credits following Something Sensible.
  • All three end credit themes are from this station.
  • The station seems to be part of the hipster subculture.
  • Songs from this radio station play in all Suburban and Binco clothing stores (no commercials).
  • The frequency 88.9 is almost certainly not a coincidence. 88.9 is also the frequency of KXLU, a Los Angeles radio station out of Loyola Marymount college that plays independent music and demos of up and coming artists, which hipsters would be fond of.


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