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"For those stuck in traffic, tune in to the Los Santos radio dial for a wide range of music styles to choose from. From the sound of the street on Radio Los Santos, Non Stop Pop FM's infectious tunes, FlyLo FMs cutting-edge dance music or the funk of Space 103.2, you won't want to sit still, even if you have been in traffic for hours."
―GTA V Website

As in previous Grand Theft Auto games, radio stations play a big part in Grand Theft Auto V.

These are the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto V. So far, there are 18 in-game radio stations, with 16 active stations in each county:

West Coast Classics


West Coast Classics is hosted by DJ Pooh and plays 80's/90's West Coast Rap.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Radio Los Santos


Radio Los Santos is hosted by Big Boy and plays Modern Rap.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Los Santos Rock Radio


Los Santos Rock Radio is hosted by Kenny Loggins and plays Classic Rock.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Non-Stop-Pop FM


Non-Stop-Pop FM is hosted by Cara Delevingne and plays Modern Pop Music.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions

The Lowdown 91.1


The Lowdown 91.1 is hosted by Mama G (Pam Grier) and plays Soul Music.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Rebel Radio


Rebel Radio is hosted by Jesco White and plays Country Music.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Soulwax FM


Soulwax FM is hosted by Soulwax and plays Techno/Electro House/Acid House/Acid Techno.

  • Palmbomen - Stock (Soulwax Remix) (2013)
  • Fatal Error - Fatal Error (1988)
  • Supersempfft - Let's Beam Him Up (1979)
  • Mim Suleiman - Mingi (2010)
  • FKClub - The Strange Art (Inflagranti Remix) (2013)
  • Matias Aguayo - El Sucu Tucu (2013)
  • Daniel Avery - Naive Response (2013)
  • Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Soulwax Remix) (2012)
  • Daniel Maloso - Body Music (Original Mix) (2012)
  • Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams (2012)
  • Zombie Nation - Tryouts (2012)
  • Tom Rowlands - Nothing But Pleasure (2013)
  • Jackson and His Computerband - Arp #1 (2013)
  • Goose - Synrise (Soulwax Remix) (2013)
  • Transistorcake - Mr. Croissant Taker (2013)
  • Tiga - Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) (2012)
  • The Hacker - Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix) (2012)
  • Pulp - After You (Soulwax Remix) (2013)

Space 103.2


Space 103.2 is hosted by Bootsy Collins and plays Funk Music.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Vinewood Boulevard Radio


Vinewood Boulevard Radio is hosted by Nate Williams and Stephen Pope and plays Alternative Rock.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

Channel X


Channel X is hosted by Keith Morris and plays Punk Rock.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions

  • D.O.A. - The Enemy (1980)
  • MDC - John Wayne Was a Nazi (1980)
  • The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around (1980)
  • X - Los Angeles (1980)
  • D.R.I. - I Don't Need Society (1985)
  • Red Kross - Linda Blair (1982)

Blue Ark FM


Blue Ark FM is hosted by Lee "Scratch" Perry and plays Reggae/Dub/Dancehall.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions

  • Demarco - Loyal (Royals Remix) (2014)
  • Busy Signal feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Kingston Town (Remix) (2012)
  • I-Octane - Topic of the Day (2011)
  • Vybz Kartel - Addi Truth (2014)
  • Lee "Scratch" Perry - Money Come and Money Go (2010)
  • Lee "Scratch" Perry - Roast Fish & Cornbread (1978)
  • Danny Hensworth - Mr. Money Man (1978)

East Los FM 106.2


East Los FM 106.2 is hosted by Don Cheto and Camilo Lara and plays Mexican Electronica/Traditional Songs/Hip Hop/Rock/Ska.

WorldWide FM


WorldWide FM is hosted by Gilles Peterson and plays Chillwave/Jazz-Funk/World.

  • Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (2012)
  • The Hics - Cold Air (2013)
  • inc. - The Place (2013)
  • Trickski - Beginning (2011)
  • Mala - Ghost (2012)
  • Swindle - Forest Funk (2012)
  • Tom Browne - Throw Down (1979)
  • Donald Byrd - You And The Music (1975)
  • Candido - Thousand Finger Man (1970)
  • Toro Y Moi - Harm in Change (2013)
  • Kyodai - Breaking (2012)
  • Django Django - Waveforms (2011)
  • The Gaslamp Killer - Nissim (2012)
  • Owiny Sigoma Band - Harpoon Land (2013)
  • Guts - Brand New Revolution (2011)
  • Yuna - Live Your Life (MELO-X MOTHERLAND GOD MIX) (2012)
  • Kiko Navarro, Amor & Tucillo - Lovery (Slow Cuban Vibe Mix) (2012)
  • Richard Spaven - 1759 (Outro) (2010)
  • Hackman - Forgotten Notes (2012)

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions

Radio Mirror Park


Radio Mirror Park is hosted by Twin Shadow and plays Indietronica Music.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions

  • The Ruby Suns - In Real Life (2013)
  • Neon Indian - Polish Girl (2011)
  • Mitzi - Truly Alive (2013)
  • KAUF - When You're Out (2013)
  • Panama - Always (2014)
  • Twin Shadow - Forget (2010)
  • !!! - One Girl/One Boy (2013)
  • SBTRKT feat. Roses Gabor - Pharaohs (2011)
  • Yeasayer - O.N.E. (2010)
  • Toro Y Moi - New Beat (2011)
  • Niki & The Dove - The Drummer (2011)
  • Little Dragon - Crystalfim (2009)
  • Hot Chip - Flutes (2012)
  • Dom - Living In America (2010)
  • Holy Ghost! - Hold On (2011)
  • Scenic - Mesmerised (2013)
  • Cut Copy - Strangers in the Wind (2008)
  • Age of Consent - Heartbreak (2012)

FlyLo FM


FlyLo FM is hosted by Flying Lotus and plays IDM/Experimental Electronic/Deep House/Glitch-Hop/Rap/Trap.

Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions

  • Curtis Mayfield - Eddie You Should Know Better (1972)
  • Doris - You Never Come Closer (1970)
  • Flying Lotus feat. Krayzie Bone - Medication Medication (2014)
  • XXYYXX - Work Title: What We Want (2014)
  • Lapalux - Make Money (2014)
  • The Gaslamp Killer - Shred You To Bits (2014)
  • Mono/Poly and Thundercat - B Adams (2014)
  • Flying Lotus - Osaka Trade (2014)
  • DOOM - Masquatch (2014)
  • Flying Lotus - Early Mountain (2014)
  • Dimlite - Into Vogon Skulls (2012)
  • KNOWER - Fuck the Makeup, Skip the Shower (2010)
  • Kaskade - 4 AM (Araabmuzik Remix) (2006)



WCTR is a Public Talk Radio that plays the following programs:

Blaine County Radio


Blaine County Radio is a Public Talk Radio that plays the following programs:

The Lab

This article or section refers to content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V, that is not featured on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
For a complete list of the features of the "enhanced" version of Grand Theft Auto V, please see here.
This article or section contains information about a subject scheduled to be featured in upcoming content.
Please do not add unconfirmed or speculative content unless it can be confirmed by its release or by Rockstar Games.

The Lab is a radio station scheduled to be featured in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V and hosted by The Alchemist and Oh No.


  • Like the weapon system, switching between radio stations is now done by bringing up a radio station wheel to jump to any station, or turn off the radio.
  • A radio interference is heard when listening to a specific radio and trying to leave the zone where the radio is available. The Blaine County Radio can only be selected in Blaine County and the WCTR in Los Santos County. If the player leaves one of these zones, the radio will change automatically.
  • In the games Beta files the was a cut 90s Rock radio station called P.M.R, but it is believed it was replaced by Vinewood Boulevard Radio.
  • If the player listens to any radio station while piloting a plane, the radio will stop playing as soon as the player lands the plane.
  • The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game feature 162 new songs (403 songs in total) spread across all radio stations, with the exception of East Los FM and Soulwax FM, which feature no new songs.


  • A super rare glitch occurs when switching radio stations; switching to the one the player wants to listen to, a song that should be playing on another radio station may take over the radio station the player just switched to. The player must wait until the song is over, and the glitch should be gone.
  • Occasionally in GTA online when two players are in a car listing to the radio, the two players will not hear the same song playing, or if they do sometimes they don't align

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