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*[ Radio Za-Za! mission video by GTAmissions - PlayStation version]
*[ Radio Za-Za! mission video by GTAmissions - PlayStation version]
[[Category:Missions in GTA 2]]
[[Category:Missions in GTA 2]]

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Radio Za-Za!
Loonies leader Elmo telling Claude Speed to stop the "madness" caused by a mixture of a Zaibatsu drug and Futuro FM music.
Game: Grand Theft Auto 2
For: Elmo, Loonies
Location: Fruitbat, Downtown District, Anywhere City

Radio Za-Za! is the first job in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Elmo of the Loonies. The mission is available from the top of the two green Loony phones in Fruitbat of the Downtown District.


The Zaibatsu Corporation have mixed a new drug in with Futuro FM's music and are driving people crazy. This is ruining Loony reputation, so Elmo asks Claude to destroy the generator causing the madness.


Completing the mission will give you $20,000. Futuro FM can no longer be heard in the Downtown District after this mission.


  • The name of this mission is likely a reference to the song Radio Ga Ga by the rock band Queen.


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