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The logo on the side of Steeds.
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Rainé is a bottled water manufacturer featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V, likely parodying the French water mark Évian.

Rainé water coolers can be found in various interiors, such as the office of Roman's taxi firm in Broker, the Grotti Dealership in Algonquin, the Liberty City Swingers offices in the MeTV building in Algonquin, and much more. Rainé bottled water is advertised on billboards across Liberty City. The company logo is found on some Steed trucks. Rainé returns in GTA V, sponsoring a magazine most likely called "Tennis Beach".

The company's name and motto ("L'eau du ciel", French for "The water of the sky") implies that they sell bottled rain water. The vending machines in GTA V also say "may contain acid", which may be a reference to Dasani water, and the belief that it contains acid among others.


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