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"Fuck you, man."
―Random Biker to Jim Fitzgerald.
Appearance(s): The Lost and Damned
Full name: Unknown
Also known as: Random Biker
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death: 2008
Home: Alderney
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: The Lost Brotherhood
Jeremy Biker Gang
Vehicle(s): Diabolus
Voiced by: Jack Condon

The Random Biker (as dubbed in the credits) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto sereis who appears as a supporting character and a minor antagonist in The Lost and Damned.

The Random Biker is voiced by Jack Condon.


Nothing is known about the biker, and his real name was never revealed. He is a member of The Lost Brotherhood, being loyal to Billy Grey and Brian Jeremy, and seems to be against Johnny Klebitz.

Before "This Shit's Cursed", he can be seen in the clubhouse, playing arm wrestiling.

Events of The Lost and Damned

Jason's death

The random biker is first seen after Billy, Johnny and Brian attacked a few Angels of Death bases. Billy reveals to the random biker and the rest biker that Jason Michaels was killed by a Polish or Serb hitman, under the orders of Jason's girlfriend's father. After Billy ends his speech about Jason, the random biker drives from the place.

Billy's arrestment and Betrayal

End Of Chapter

The Random Biker in "End Of Chapter", on the right.

The random biker appears again after the failed drug deal with the Triads and Billy's arrest in Dragon Heart Plaza. He runs alongside Johnny, Jim and Brian to the club house. An arguement between Johnny and Brian starts, with Brian thinks that Johnny calls the police so they will arrest Billy, and he (Johnny) will become the leader again. During the arguement, he sided with Brian, however, he then goes with Johnny and Jim, leaving Brian alone.

After Brian leaves the gang, he founds and a new biker gang, contain members who loyal to Billy. The random biker joins the gang, and becomes Brian's right-hand man.

Brian sets a truce with Johnny, Jim, Clay Simons and Terry Thorpe. The random biker joins to Brian's meeting and seen alongside other members of Brian's gang. Brian tells to his men to attack Johnny and his friends. The random biker starts to shoot at Johnny's gang, but is shot down by Johnny and his friends. However, the random biker manages to survive and escapes the battle zone.


"Johnny's here!"
―The random biker's last words before being shot by Johnny.

Later, after Brian's open betrayal and assault, Johnny's group gets information from Ray Boccino about Brian's place. Johnny, alongside Terry and Clay (if the player wants) decides to attack Brian's house and kill him for good.

Minutes before Johnny's attack, the random biker enters the safehouse. Johnny enters after him. The biker then sees Johnny and yells to his friends that Johnny is inside the house and pulls out his pistol, but is shot dead by Johnny. A few minutes later, Brian is either killed, and meets the same fate, or spared by Johnny.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned

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