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Random Characters (GTA4)

A map displaying all of the Random Character locations.

Random characters are minor characters found in various parts of the city, in Grand Theft Auto IV, its episodes, GTA Chinatown Wars, and Grand Theft Auto V.


GTA IV, EFLC and Chinatown Wars

Their presence is indicated by a small blue person icon on the radar, but only when within close proximity to the player (Usually around 1 block). They provide Niko, Johnny, Luis and Huang with small missions. They generally are in some problem and will ask the Protagonist's help.

After completing all the random encounters in GTA IV, the achievement/trophy "No More Strangers" will be unlocked. Most of the random character missions are required for 100% completion. Though some are not required (like Cherise Glover's random encounter).


In Grand Theft Auto V random characters are known as Strangers and Freaks. They take elements from the Strangers featured in Red Dead Redemption, which means that even after starting one of this side missions, the player is still free to roam around the map and complete other missions.

There are a total of 58 Strangers and Freaks missions, only any 20 of them are required for 100% Completion.

Random characters in GTA IV

Random characters in The Lost and Damned

Random characters in The Ballad of Gay Tony

Random characters in GTA Chinatown Wars

Strangers and Freaks in GTA V

Abigail Mathers


Beverly Felton

Civil Border Patrol


Dom Beasley

Peter Dreyfuss

Epsilon Program


Josh Bernstein

Mary-Ann Quinn


Mrs. Philips




Sasquatch Hunter

Tonya Wiggins

Cut Missions


  • Barry 3b (Grass Roots mission in between The Pickup and The Drag)
    • Franklin has to deliver a helicopter containing drugs to Barry. After Franklin flies the helicopter with drugs in it, he lands the helicopter on the roof of a building near Barry's apartment.


  • Dale 1
    • Franklin meets Dale outside a nightclub. Dale asks him to take photographs of ten hot women around the town and send them to him. This unlocks a "collectible" ambient task similar to Extra Commission.
  • Dale 2
    • After taking 10 photos of hot women, Franklin meets Dale in a club and discovers that Dale is planning on drugging the women in the photos Franklin took. Franklin tries to stop him but is drugged by Dale who then escapes. Franklin must chase and kill Dale.


  • Magenta 1
    • Michael meets Magenta in the middle of nowhere, walking and chanting. She asks Michael to attain true perfection in body. Michael needs to attain perfection in body by purchasing and wearing high-end clothes to be welcomed by Magenta and to trigger the second mission at Magenta's house.
  • Magenta 2
    • Michael turns up at Magenta's house in his new high-end clothing. He rings the bell and is invited in to a group of elderly people having sex. Disturbed, he exits the building and phones his shrink, asking for more therapy.

Mrs. A and Mrs. B

  • Mrs. A and Mrs. B 1
    • Franklin helps Mrs. A get revenge on her neighbour by heading over to Mrs. B's house and wrecking her car. Franklin uses a melee weapon to physically damage the vehicle. Franklin then has to drive the car into the sea to finish it off.
  • Mrs. A and Mrs. B 2
    • Franklin feels sorry for Mrs. B and helps her get revenge on Mrs. A. Mrs. B tells him Mrs. A is proud of her garden so he decides to urinate into her pool. Her husband returns home and finds Franklin at it and he calls the cops.
  • Mrs. A and Mrs. B 3
    • Franklin finds Mrs. A crying on the sidewalk. They decide to drive around the neighbourhood, spreading rumours about Mrs. B. Franklin takes the wheel while Mrs. A yells bogus announcements through a megaphone. They then return to Mrs. A's house.
  • Mrs. A and Mrs. B 4
    • Franklin takes Mrs. B and Mrs. A's husband to a local bar. The husband already has a thing for Mrs. B and she manages to seduce him at the bar. Franklin then takes a photo of Mrs. B performing oral sex on the husband. The photo is then sent to Mrs. A to rub it in her face.
  • Mrs. A and Mrs. B 5
    • Franklin is walking down the street when Mrs. A sees him - she is somewhat mad. Mrs. A picks up garden shears. Suddenly Mrs. B appears holding a golf club - a fight between the two women ensues. Franklin can either join in the fight and help or sit back and watch them kill each other.

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There's a few more types of distinguished random people:

  • Soapboxers - People who talk about themselves, or something.
  • Buskers - Performers.
  • Prostitutes.
  • Random Events - Unnamed people in GTA V who are usually in some kind of trouble, like getting robbed/mugged/hijacked. The player can return their vehicle/wallet/purse after killing the thief.


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