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RC Cam
An RC Cam in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Body style Flowerpot
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The RC Cam is a small "flowerpot" that can be used as a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Although the vehicle bears "RC" in its name, it is not a remote-controlled vehicle.



The RC Cam is a crudely made flowerpot that nevertheless behaves similarly to a normal vehicle. It features functional headlights and taillights that light up at night, and it's capable of generating skid marks (despite having no wheels). Nevertheless, the RC Cam still lacks an engine noise, damageable parts, and a collision file (thus being partially unable to collide with other vehicles). When the player character enters the vehicle, he opens an invisible "door" and sits on it. The vehicle has capacity for two people.


Performance of the RC Cam can be described as mixed, due to its very compact construction. The flowerpot is highly nimble due to its very short wheelbase and light weight, and is moderately good in speed. However, its short wheelbase also increases the possibility of the vehicle spinning out, and the low ground clearance of the RC Cam makes it more difficult to control on bumps.


It is unknown why the RC Cam is included in GTA San Andreas, if it serves a certain function in-game (the "cam" in the model name may suggest that it is used as a camera dummy for the third-person view, or it maybe what the player actually drives in first person view), or if it was used during development for debugging/testing purposes. The design and name suggests maybe it was meant to be used for spying purposes in a beta mission. It is never used in any missions, nor can it be seen anywhere. The only means of obtaining the vehicle is via a trainer or modification.


  • If using a modification to be able to tune it, the player will be able to add visible wheels, nitro and even hydraulics on it.

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