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Red Desert Avenue heading to Backlot City.

Red Desert Avenue is a two-way street in Del Perro Beach and Del PerroLos Santos in GTA V. From west to east, it begins at Del Perro Pier, and ends at North Rockford Drive, crossing Bay City Avenue and Prosperity Street Promenade. It also passes over Magellan Avenue and Equality Way.


Del Perro

  • Astro Theaters (corner of Prosperity Street Promenade)
  • Haute (Del Perro Plaza, corner of Bay City Avenue)
  • Les Bianco (Del Perro Plaza)
  • Pescado Rojo (corner of Bay City Avenue)
  • The Fish Net (corner of Prosperity Street Promenade)
  • The Grain of Truth
  • White Widow (corner of Prosperity Street Promenade)

Del Perro Pier

Places of interest


  • Jesse's contact point (in front of The Big Puffa)


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