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You may be looking for the Rednecks (GTA V) in Grand Theft Auto V, a countryside gang also known as the Rednecks.
Pickup gang
The Rednecks' gang car, the Pickup, with their logo on top.
Games: Grand Theft Auto 2
Locations: Residential District, Anywhere City
Leader: Billy Bob Bean
Type: Street Gang
Enemies: Scientists
Zaibatsu Corporation
Affiliations: Claude Speed
Colors: Blue
Vehicles: Pickup
Weapons: Pistol
Machine Gun
Molotov Cocktail
Businesses: Car crusher
Members: Marshall Nash (possibly)

The Rednecks are a gang in Grand Theft Auto 2 that are opposed to the Scientists due to their low literacy skills. Billy Bob Bean offers missions to Claude Speed that involve high levels of destruction, and doing missions for them can lower the player's faction with the Scientists.

The gang use a variant of the Pickup as their vehicle and have control of the Mobile RV Park, Redemption and Guntersville areas of the Residential District of Anywhere City. The gang operates a car crusher in the Mobile RV Park, which unlike the others found in the game, does not give the player a reward.


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