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"The Art of Contemporary Killing. How do you kill?"
Righteous Slaughter 7 taglines

Righteous Slaughter 7 is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game developed by Misfire Games for the eXsorbeo 720 console in Grand Theft Auto V.  It is a sequel to Righteous Slaugher 6, which came out 3 months before. The game seems to feature a wide variety of weapons, from assault rifles and miniguns to feces on a stick.

The game parodies modern first person shooter franchises, specifically Call of Duty, which is sometimes regarded as being annual and repetitive. In addition to that, the game is rated as PG, standing for "Pretty much the same as the last game". It has its own accessible website, Righteous Slaughter also features over-the-top gameplay that is similar to the Doom series, by the usage of extreme gore and silly weapons.

Unfortunately, Righteous Slaughter 7 is not playable in the actual game. Characters such as Jimmy De Santa and Lester Crest are only seen playing it. Sometimes, when switching to Michael, he is just left playing and insulting, while his son explains what happens.

The Game

Righteous Slaughter 7 primarily focuses on multiplayer and DLC advertising, however the game has a single-player mode as well.


The game's campaign centers around Vladisakia Puchinkov, a generalized pastiche of action movie/video game villains who is said to be "half Russian, half Asian and half Muslim". Puchinkov has amassed an army of mercenaries and a variety of weapons capable of destroying the world. He plans to launch a strike against the USA from his secret jungle base, aiming to "defeat the Americans", although his exact agenda and motives remain unexplained. The player assumes the role of a member of a secret military unit codenamed Bravo Sierra, who attempt to stop Puchinkov. Missions include saving an orphanage from a terrorist attack, destroying nuclear weapons and a neurotoxin prototype, as well as several flashback scenes, including one "where JFK and Castro duke it out on the moon".


Multiplayer is the primary part of this videogame. It encourages rivalry, hatred between players and fanaticism, and mostly rewards killing sprees and weapon usage variety over team play and basic coordination. Multiplayer gameplay footage is available for viewing at

Known features

  • A ranking/XP system - XP is rewarded for every kill, multiplied with kill streaks, +25 bonus XP rewarded for every VD Syringe kill.
  • Player customization - female avatars usually have outrageous sex appeal and skimpy clothes, while male ones are available in a wide variety - from white two-piece suits to full body armor.
  • Excessive gore and violence - on-screen blood splats and ridiculous amounts of gibs are present, while the player is rewarded for murdering in the most humiliating and gruesome ways available.
  • Challenges - not much is known about the challenge system, most possibly these are special tasks that can be completed in order to receive XP rewards. The only known challenge so far is "Widowmaker - Killed 100,000,000 human targets".
  • Announcer - a person, presumably a military commander, comments on actions the player or the player's team performs. Quotes include: "I'm talking in your ear, soldier. Hope it's not distracting!"; "I can hear your heartbeat! Stop getting shot!".

​Known gamemodes

  • Deathmatch - presumably the most popular gamemode. It involves one-against-all massacring using a variety of weapons ranging from miniguns with explosive ammo to flamethrowers and fire axes.
  • Story Mode  - mentioned in radio commercials for the game, this mode involves two teams (Red and Blue) perform specific story-crucial tasks, guided only by incoherent commands from NPC's. This mode suffers from numerous plotholes and is highly dependant on DLC owners.
  • Swine Horde - a mode that involves the player massacring a large amount of pigs using dual miniguns. Jimmy De Santa is seen playing it during the mission Daddy's Little Girl.

Known weapons

  • Robinson Armament XCR w/ RIS foregrip, EOTech red dot sight, and polymer magazine
  • Makarov PM w/ Tactical Syringe
  • GE M134 Minigun w/ explosive rounds
  • Flamethrower
  • Fire Axe
  • Shit Stick 3000™*
* - DLC exclusive

Known maps

  • Clogged Warehouse
  • African Rebellion
  • Polar Nonsense
  • Desert Surprise
  • a secret space station map

Known players

  • Jimmy De Santa - Can be found sometimes in his room playing the game. His immature insults and profanity seem to parody the stereotypical teenage player.
  • Michael De Santa - Can sometimes be seen playing multiplayer with Jimmy. He is a very bad player and throws down his controller.
  • Lester Crest - Plays RS7 often. He has a Righteous Slaughter 7 poster in his house.
  • Cara Delevingne - Says that she will play RS7 when the commercials come on Non Stop Pop 100.7.


  • Franklin Clinton states that he stopped playing the series after the first two installments (likely a reference to those who claim that the early Call of Duty games were the only good ones).
  • Occasionally, the trailer on the official website will display "Sorry, this video is currently unavailable due to high demand. Please try again later." This is also seen on
  • One level involves a "really out-of-place flashback mission where JFK and Castro duke it out on the moon". This is likely a parody of the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops, which does in-fact feature John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and the moon as a location.
  • Vehicles such the Surfer and the Hauler can be seen here.


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