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Roboi's Food Mart sign near the Police Station.
Exterior of the food mart in Commerce. On the left, mounting the BMX automatically starts the challenge.
Roboi's Food Mart in Mulholland.
A-DustAdded by A-Dust
Roboi's Food Mart in Commerce.
A-DustAdded by A-Dust

Roboi's Food Mart is a convenience store chain located in Commerce and Mulholland, Los Santos. The interiors of both stores are 24/7 stores. The Commerce shop becomes an asset in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, after Carl Johnson completes a number of deliveries for the store. That store generates $2,000 at a maximum over time after completing the delivery missions and pays roughly $15,000 for the deliveries.


  • AK-47 - Just behind the store, a 30-30 ammo is awarded.

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