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Rooftop Rumble
Rooptop rumble garage
Game: Grand Theft Auto Online
For: Martin Madrazo
Location: La Mesa
Target: Take out the professionals, steal the documents, deliver the documents to Madrazo's house.
Conditions of mission failure: Run out of lives.
Documents destroyed.
Reward: JP 16

$12,500. RP ? (Easy)
$15,625. RP ? (Normal)
$18,750. RP ? (Hard)
(x2 on first attempt)
(RP given for playing alone, different multipliers apply when playing with others, crew mates or friends)

Protagonist(s): 1-4 Players
Unlocked by: Reaching level 75.
"We all know the FIB listen to our calls, read our emails, LifeInvader alerts, and Bleets, but it turns out they actually get some useful information as well. So useful, I will pay you heavily to get it back off them for me. Ambush the team, and bring their files to my place. You'll be rewarded."

Rooftop Rumble is a mission in GTA Online given to the player by Martin Madrazo.


FIB and The Professionals members are dealing documents that Martin wants in a car park near Downtown. The player(s) must kill the Professionals and take the documents to Madrazo's house whilst being followed by Grangers.

Mission objectives

  • Go to the parking lot.
  • Take out the Professionals.
  • Steal the documents.
  • Deliver the documents to Madrazo's house.

After the High Life Update

  • 50% of FIB agents present at the start of the mission now have high(er) accuracy.
  • Additional FIB agents spawn as the player attacks the parking garage. The Agents spawn in two waves of cars.
  • Performing meleé attacks against FIB agents will result in alerting other enemies, resulting in reinforcements spawning, preventing players from easily completing the mission.


  • Players were, at first, able to just destroy the documents and still get the full payout. However, this was changed to give the mission more of a challenge.
  • Sometimes, the agents could spawn near the staircase.
  • The mission's name could be a reference to a Challenge Map in Batman: Arkham City.
  • Despite the name containing "rooftop," the mission doesn't have an objective that involves a rooftop.
  • From March 24-27, 2014, Rooftop Rumble was not available to play in GTA Online with Rockstar citing that they were fixing "an issue" with the mission.
  • The player can choose to keep one of the two the FIB Granger SUVs parked in the lot after beating this mission. It will still be driven by the player after the mission is done, but cannot be stored, due to it's law enforcement vehicle.
  • One of The Professionals talks about company secrets during the mission, implying that he is getting questions from one of the other professionals invading his privacy regarding his company.
  • Even though the mission says "The Player has collected the document" It will still say "Deliver the documents to Madrazo" This was most likely a developer oversight.
  • Prior to the High Life Update, destroying the high priority document requested by Madrazo resulted in a mission failure debriefing stating, "A Professional was killed" despite that being one of the primary objectives of the mission.
    • Following the update, the mission was changed, similar to Coveted.
      • After arriving another car with four members show up.
      • The document is yet to arrive at the parking lot, so it needs to be cleared.
      • Three vehicles appear after it is cleared, one in the alleyway, one on Vespucci Boulevard and one on Adam's Apple Boulevard at the front of the parking lot. The one at the front will have four Professionals in it and they will run across the lot to try and kill the player, the same with the alleyway. An easy way to avoid this is to blow up the car in the alleyway and take cover from the Professionals at another angle. The third car will drive away with the document along Vespucci Boulevard. If the player does not catch up, it will stop at Stoner Cement Works on Senora Road, near the Redwood Lights Track. There will be eight more Professionals in two cars and they have to be killed to retrieve the document, however the cars will not drive off.
      • The RP has been reduced 5%.

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