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Route 68 (race)
Route 68 GTAO
Race Type Land Race
Route Type Point to Point
Vehicle Class(es) Compacts, Coupes, Motorcycles, Muscle, Off-Road, Sedans, Sports, Sports Classics, Super, SUVs
Players 1-16
Length 3.81 miles
Unlocks at Rank 1
Location(s) RON Alternates Wind Farm to south Lago Zancudo along Route 68
Created By Rockstar
"From the East Coast to the West, follow famous Route 68 across the State to where the sun sets. One long sweeping road. Point to point for cars and motorbikes."
―Race description.

Route 68 is a race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. As the name implies, the players must race from the eastern coast of San Andreas to the western coast along the famous Route 68.


Route 68 GTAO Race Map




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