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Ruff Rider
Niko guns down Jayvon Simson.
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Dwayne Forge
Location: Algonquin
Target: Jayvon Simson
Conditions of mission failure:
Jayvon Escaped, Player Death
Unlocks: Undress to Kill
Unlocked by: Deconstruction for Beginners
"My girlfriend, the love of my fucking, I was pulling moves in the joint so this bitch could pay rent. Now, she won't answer the phone."
Dwayne Forge.
"Don't kill me. I know I fucked Dwayne over real bad but he wouldn't want me dead."
Cherise Glover begging for Niko to spare his life.

Ruff Rider is the first mission given by Dwayne Forge in Grand Theft Auto IV to Niko Bellic, which involves his ex-girlfriend (Cherise) and her new man (Jayvon), a guy who apparently ratted out Dwayne and sent him to prison so many years ago. Niko agrees to help out the melancholic Dwayne by going to speak with the couple and getting his money back, which Dwayne was sending Cherise while he was in the joint.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the arcade in Chinatown
  • Execute Cherise or let her live
  • Chase Jayvon down
  • Get Dwayne's money
  • Go meet Dwayne at Cluckin' Bell



Head over to the Videogeddon arcade in Chinatown. Niko will spot Cherise and Jayvon together. When Jayvon sees Niko, he fires a Micro-SMG at him but Niko ducks just in time. Jayvon grabs a motorcycle and heads off leaving you to quickly deal with Cherise.

If your intentions are revenge, use a pistol or any weapon to execute or simply kill Cherise. If you want to let her live, ignore Cherise and get on the nearby motorcycle. Chase Cherise's boyfriend Jayvon. It is possible to just head due south and cut off Jayvon at the South Parkway. Finish him off and take the money.

Niko will automatically phone Dwayne. Meet him at the Cluckin' Bell near Star Junction and give him the money. After the mission, it might be a good idea to get yourself a nice snack from the cashier. This will bring up your health.

If you spared Cherise, she becomes a random character in North Holland and you can do a side mission for her.

For a slightly easier chase, take a car to the mission and run back to it, rather than taking the intended motorcycle. This will allow you to simply knock Jayvon from his bike and run him over, rather than trying to control the bike and gun at once.

Video Walkthrough

GTA 4 - Mission 44 - Ruff Rider (1080p)08:15

GTA 4 - Mission 44 - Ruff Rider (1080p)



  • The mission name is a reference to the real-life motorcycle club Ruff Riders.
  • In Weazel News post-mission report, a civilian mentions that they were crazy "because of those violent video-games". This is obviously Rockstar Games mocking Jack Thompson's criticism towards violent video games (and especially Grand Theft Auto).
  • The player does not need to use the motorcycle to chase Jayvon, they can just use a car.
  • This mission is one of several story missions which can be done after completing the main story.
  • Jayvon's clothes can change depending on how many times you replay the mission.

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