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A Rumbler in GTA 2.

The Rumbler is a sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto 2.



The Rumbler is a high-performance sports cars with a generally rounded body profile (including protruding fenders in the front and back) and aggressive styling. The car's design is comparable to that of the Banshee in Grand Theft Auto Advance, although the GTA 2 rendition is curvier, and is supposedly based on the Dodge Copperhead. The car's internal name is WBTWIN.


The car's performances is impressive. While the Rumbler's top speed is only moderately high, the car possess a good and consistent rate of acceleration that complements this ability well. Due to its lower speed and power, the car steering system is also responsive enough, allowing the player to determine the angle of cornering all while the car remains controllable, and is capable of recovering from a powerslide after a sharp turn; its brakes, especially when applied in high speed, is revealed to be average. All in all, the car manages to balances speed and control very well.

The car awards the player the Fast Reload power-up when crushed.


The Rumbler is only present in the Industrial District of Anywhere City.

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