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Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Location: Viceport, Vice City
Target: Residents of Vice City

Rush! is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is exclusive to the PlayStation 2 release of the game.


During this mission, Victor Vance must use a Linerunner to cause $1700 worth of damage in three minutes. The mission is triggered by entering the Linerunner just west of Phil's Depot, Viceport. Points are awarded for the following collision types: bike dismount, car spun, car flipped, car sunk, destroyed car and knock on. A knock on is achieved by pushing a vehicle into one or more vehicles and gives the player a multiplier equal to the number of cars involved. The reward for completing the mission is $1000.


This mission is considerably more difficult than Karmageddon due to the Linerunner being used being able to withstand far less damage than the fire truck used for the earlier game. It is also far easier to flip the truck onto its roof, even when colliding with motorcycle. Destroying the Linerunner ends the mission - with a great possibility of Victor being wasted in the process.

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PS2 Version
GTA Vice City Stories Side Mission Rush!03:28

GTA Vice City Stories Side Mission Rush!

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