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The SS Bulker was a freighter ship owned by Merryweather Security Consulting. It was presumably used to transport precious cargo, including dangerous weapons. The SS Bulker was possibly destroyed in 2013 while it was docked at the Port of Los Santos carrying a powerful superweapon.

Events of GTA V

The SS Bulker is first discovered when Trevor Philips and Floyd Hebert visit the port. They attempt to access the ship, but are distracted by port workers. After finishing some small tasks, Trevor takes pictures of the freighter from the cargo crane and sends them to Ron Jakowski via text message. These pictures are later used for planning The Merryweather Heist.


The ship's destruction.

If the Freighter option for the heist is chosen, then the crew will decide to assault the freighter. Michael De Santa uses a Dinghy to move up to the side of the freighter and infiltrates the Bulker. Franklin Clinton is responsible for providing sniper support, killing several Merryweather guards in the process. Eventually, Michael plants 5 bombs throughout the ship and detonates them, thus destroying the SS Bulker. Trevor later arrives in a Submersible to extract the superweapon from the ship's submerged ruins.

Mission Appearances



  • The SS Bulker's destruction is similar to how the Platypus was destroyed in Bomb Da Base II in GTA IV's multiplayer. Both ships were infiltrated and its guards killed, and bombs are planted onto the ships.

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