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STD Contractors
Name: STD Contractors
Type: Contractors
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Los Santos
"Reliable erections for all Los Santos"
―Street sign

STD Contractors is a construction company in Grand Theft Auto V. Their main rivals are Gold Coast Development.


STD Contractors have three known projects in the city of Los Santos, all under construction during the events of the game: the Mile High Club, located in Downtown Los Santos, a tower complex that promises both commercial and business space for low rates, La Puerta Apartments, an apartment building near La Puerta Freeway, and another construction site in Vinewood, near Downtown.


  • The company's name is a reference to "STD", which stands for "sexually transmitted disease".  It is supposed to be read "STD Contractors", or someone who recieves a sexually transmitted disease.
  • There is a company in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with a similar name; STD. It may be possible that STD Contractors could be a successor of STD.
  • The company's slogan is also a reference to an "erection", which is usually a part of male arousal. 


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