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Safehouses have re-appeared in Grand Theft Auto V

Characters' Safehouses

Each character has their own individual safehouse. Every safehouse gives the player the opportunity to save the game by sleeping on the bed, heal with a First Aid Kit, change their clothing at a wardrobe, store vehicles in a garage, and watch the in-game television. The player is also able to use drugs (Jimmy's bong in Michael's House and Franklin's bong at the Whispymound Drive property) and/or drink alcohol as well (Trevor's trailer). Weapons cannot be equipped inside and the beds cannot be used to save by other characters. For example, Franklin cannot save the game in Michael's House and so on.


Franklin's Aunt's House / Strawberry - Available after Franklin and Lamar. Lost after Hotel Assassination.

3671 Whispymound Drive / Vinewood Hills - Available after Hotel Assassination.


Michael's Mansion / Rockford Hills - Available after Complications.


Trevor's Trailer / Sandy Shores - Available during and after Mr. Philips.

Floyd's Apartment / La Puerta - Available after Friends Reunited.

Vanilla Unicorn / Strawberry


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