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{{Disambig}}'''San Andreas''' is a location in [[Grand Theft Auto 1]], [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] , mentioned in [[GTA IV Era]], and the main-plot for [[Grand Theft Auto V]].
{{Disambig}}'''San Andreas''' can refer to:
*[[San Andreas in 2D Universe]], a city that appeared in ''[[Grand Theft Auto 1]]''
==In GTA 1==
*[[San Andreas (3D Universe)]], a state that appeared in ''[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]''
In [[GTA 1]], [[City of San Andreas|San Andreas]] is a city, the third of the 3 cities in the game ([[Liberty City in GTA 1|Liberty City]], [[Vice City in GTA 1|Vice City]], San Andreas).
*[[San Andreas (HD Universe)]], a state that appeared in ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''
*''[[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]]'', a ''[[Grand Theft Auto]]'' game released in 2004
==In GTA San Andreas==
The version of [[State of San Andreas|San Andreas]] featured in [[GTA San Andreas]] takes the appearence of a full American state which encompases the cities ([[Los Santos in GTA III Era|Los Santos]], [[San Fierro]] and [[Las Venturas]]), the counties ([[Whetstone]], [[Flint County]], [[Tierra Robada]], [[Bone County]] and [[Red County]]), and the villages ([[Angel Pine]], [[Fort Carson]], [[El Quebrados]], [[Las Barrancas]], [[Las Payasadas]], [[Las Brujas]] ghost town, [[Palomino Creek]], [[Blueberry]], [[Montgomery]] and [[Dillimore]]). It is the largest map in the GTA III Era.
==In HD Universe==
In [[GTA IV]], while the [[San Andreas in GTA IV Era|State of San Andreas]] does not make a physical appearance, it appears on certain [[TV Shows in GTA IV|TV Shows]] within the games. [[San Andreas in GTA V Era|San Andreas]] is the location in [[Grand Theft Auto V]], being a state like its prequel, however heavily expanded from what of the previous versions, with its main setting being [[Los Santos in GTA V Era|Los Santos]]. It is the largest map so far in any GTA game. Some of the places it will contain is: [[Los Santos]], [[Blaine County]], [[Mount Chiliad]] and more.

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