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Santa Maria Freeway 1

Santa Maria Freeway Extension as seen from Yacht Harbor, Santa Maria Beach

The Santa Maria Freeway Extension is a four-lane highway extension of the Los Santos Freeway. It starts from the Airport Intersection and travels northwest before terminating at a junction at Verona Beach, where it becomes Santa Maria Drive, which travels through Rodeo before terminating at the Flint Intersection, connecting to the San Fierro Highway. Although it has two lanes for each direction, it is not a high-speed road. The road travels through a short tunnel underneath the hills just south of the junction. There is a small median dividing the road in half, which is lined up by lamp posts for illumination at night.


Exits from north to south.

EXIT 1: Only for northbound traffic, to Unity Station, Downtown, and East Los Santos.

EXIT 2: Los Santos Freeway (northbound/eastbound).

EXIT 3 (end): Los Santos International Airport (Terminal 2).

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