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"Use your military training to eliminate the enemy."

Saving Ryan's Privates is a user-created job published in the first batch of Rockstar verified jobs. It takes place in Pillbox Hill, and consists of aerial and ground combat.


2 teams will start out on the opposite ends of Pillbox Hill, with 6 street blocks separating them. When the match begins, players will have access to numerous weapons and vehicles to transport and kill other players with. The vehicles DO NOT respawn, however (Excluding the Police Riot's).




If your opponents are controlling the air space, you should head inside of the construction building in the center of the area to force the enemy to come to you. You can also use the miniguns scattered near the spawn areas to take them down. If your enemies are on the ground, you can climb the cranes to get an easy vantage spot across your side of the map. Be careful when piloting the jets, as the terrain is not suitable for flying them. Staying high above the buildings is your only way to avoid crashing and incoming fire without careful and dangerous maneuvers.


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